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News - December 2018

(Happy Christmas!)

This is the first of a series of occasional newsletters for customers.

New Customers

In 2018 the hosting business has picked up a respectable number of new customers, including some that are quite prestigious:

Improvements to the Service


All the treewind hosted sites have always been backed up daily to an offsite location (i.e. a different company from where they are hosted). Earlier this year the backup provider I was using became rather expensive and I found another who is much cheaper. As it happens, the backup server is actually in Paris!

Speed improvements

The number of new customers this year meant I could afford to upgrade the server to have more memory. I don't think it's ever been particularly slow, but it should maintain response speed as more sites are added or if any of them get busy.

A software upgrade in November will also have produced a speed improvement for most sites. (PHP from version 5.6 to 7.0, for the technically inclined)

WordPress Updates

Many sites use WordPress, a content management system that must be kept up to the latest version for security reasons. I have a reasonably sane setup for keeping it up to date now. I will be updating Wordpress itself when a new version is announced, and from time to time I'll check all your plugins and bring them up to date as well. I was doing this before, but I've made the process easier and quicker for me in the future.

Visitor Stats

This has always existed, but some of you may not know about it. If you want to know how many visitors have been to your site per day or month, which pages they looked at, where they came from etc. all this is available by going to your usual site address with "/stats" appended to the end, e.g. Hours of fun may ensue!