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Server Software Update : September 2021

What's happening and why

I'm planning to upgrade all the server software this month. Nothing sinister, just installing latest operating system version to enable me to keep up with security updates in the future. If it means anything to you, going from Debian Linux Version 10 to Version 11 which was released last month.

How I'm going to do it

The safest way to do this is to start up a second server and move sites and mailboxes one at a time, checking each move is successful before starting the next.

So on September 10th I'll be starting up a new server to replace the existing one. From September 12 onwards I'll be migrating sites one by one to the new server, dealing with any glitches as they occur. I'm allowing two weeks for the process but it shouldn't take anything like that long if all goes well.

Impact on Customer Sites and Email

Some time after 6pm on Saturday September 11th or on Sunday September 12th, you may notice a brief period when your web site appears to be down or your email service (if provided by me) is inaccessible. This is because I'll be moving the primary name server to the new machine before migrating any customer sites.

At some point after that, maybe during the next week, the following things will happen:

Impact on sites being used commercially

Where I know that your web site or email service is being used for commercial purposes during the working day, I'll schedule your migration for a time out of office hours (late evening or Sunday).

If you have any questions or special requirements about the timing of your move, please contact me using details below.

6 September, 2021