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Migration of web sites to a new server

November 2019

There were a few reasons for this second move of sites within the same year: Switching from Virtualmin to Sympl was not going to be practical to do in place, so I had to get a second server from BitFolk and move all the sites to that, and I will shortly be discontinuing the first server.

Hopefully, future operating system and host management software upgades can be done with little or no disruption.

Anahata ~ 22 November, 2019

May-June 2019

For several years now my sites have been on a server provided by Bytemark who have had an excellent reputation for technical expertise, quality of service and support, and who have provided a free software package called Symbiosis which simplifies the administration of multiple web sites, email etc.

Recently Bytemark's founders sold the business to a much larger company, whose first notable action was to let the entire development team go. There are some indications that the tech support team is diminished too. The result is that, while the service is still working now:

Consequently I have been looking for alternative hosting and management software that will suit my needs (and yours!), and have now found a small but very technically competent hosting provider Bitfolk and also a free-software admin package Virtualmin that is currently maintained, reasonably easy to use and actually has some improvements over Symbiosis. I have been learning how to use it and successfully migrated some of my own sites to the new server.

Customer sites will be moved one at a time over the summer, and I intend to notify each customer before moving to ensure minimal disruption.

Anahata ~ May 2019