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September 2021 - Site migration For Software Updates

Migration of all sites to enable system software update.

Details on this page: Update Sep 21

June 2020 - Security Improvements

Two WordPress sites were found to have been hacked, in the same way. I have restored them, one by restoring from a backup and the other by editing the database as by then I had discovered where the rogue code was and it was reasonably easy to remove.

This prompted a security review on the whole server.

Older news (summarized)

News - November 2019

The migration of all sites to a new server as explained here is complete. (still with BitFolk but running Sympl management software.)

News - October 2019

News - December 2018

(Happy Christmas!)

This is the first of a series of occasional newsletters for customers.

New Customers

In 2018 the hosting business has picked up a respectable number of new customers, including some that are quite prestigious:

Improvements to the Service