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A selection of recordings made in the studio.
Mary Humphreys and Anahata's first album, sold as a CDR. The link takes you to a page containing downloadable Ogg Vorbis files of every track. This was recorded in 2001 on a 4 Track minidisc machine which I don't have any more.
(no cat. number)
I was asked to record a concertina part for the music for the trailer for a Malayalam film, using a rough backing mix which was sent me by email. The song was in Tamil, but the backing was supposed to have a "Celtic" feel to it. Other participants were a whistle player in Germany and an fiddle player in Israel. I never met them, of course! My part was simply to record a concertina track and email it to the producer in India to mix into the final song. It's now on YouTube and the concertina part is quite clearly audible in places, starting about about 50 seconds in.
This has to be the studio's most unusual project so far.
2008 and 2009 recordings of the musicians of Pig Dyke Molly
6 Track CD as demo or to sell at gigs for a local ceilidh band. Proved I could fit a (small) drum kit and 6 musicians in the studio. The entire recording is available on their web site. They took a master CD and organised their own artwork and duplication.
Sold by Hedingham Fair as part of a package with Colin Cater's book, this is a mixture of live recordings made at the Three Horseshoes, Duton Hill with audience participation in the song choruses, and studio recordings of Colin and Karen Cater with various musicians. Hedingham Fair handled the artwork and organising CD pressing.
Mary Humphreys and Anahata's fifth album. Treewind's first full album project from recording to artwork, pressed CDs and promotion. Received favourable reviews in the folk press, including fRoots magazine.
Out Of Reach
Traditional English tunes from sessions in pubs around Cambridge. Six of the core players came to the studio to make an album to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Sold worldwide, well reviewed.
Bof! Bal
East Anglian band playing and singing Traditional French music. When Simon Haines asked if I could recommend a recording studio for Bof! to record their fourth album, I suggested a couple of extremely well-equipped establishments near them (Ipswich area) and mentioned as an afterthought that I could record them, but it would be much further from home for them to travel. To my surprise and delight, they chose to record here, and it seems to have been a rewarding experience for all concerned. The recordings include hurdy gurdies, bagpipes, Sax, solo and chorus vocals as well as melodeon, percussion and guitar. This was a fully paid project but also on the Treewind label so is available for sale here as well as from the band.
A compilation of selected tracks from three earlier albums by Bof! recorded elsewehere, remastering and artwork done here.
With a Whitby Folk Week booking coming up for our ceilidh band Fendragon, I thought it was high time we made a CD to sell at the festival and elsewhere. It's an album of dance music, pure and simple.
A Four part harmony singing group based in East Anglia. This was recorded in two days and a master CD delivered for duplication within a week, and it's one of my favourite albums recorded here. For most of it, putting a single pair of microphones in front of the group and letting them balance the sound by ear enabled a relaxed approach that got some really good recorded performances in minimal time.
Peterborough based ceilidh band. I did a demo for them earlier (see above); this time they wanted a full album which included some songs as well as dance music. Released Summer 2016.
(July 2018, no catalogue number)
The first job for the new Yorkshire based studio - a recording of the traditional music of Circassians from the North Caucasus now living in Turkey, much of which is played on Hohner single row and two row melodeons. The Turkish-born player now lives in London.
More details and video
Singer/songwriter Kath Reade joined forces with storyteller and poet Alison Dhuanna to create a show presenting a mystery folk tale in storytelling, songs and sacred sound. I produced a CD of Kath's songs from the show. Also a promotional video (YouTube) which I'm quite pleased with as I had never done anything like this before.
A short album of songs by Kath Reade, accompanied only by her guitar, and with a meditative feel.