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Recording Studio

Treewind Recording Studio

The studio is available for projects ranging from demos and individual tracks to whole albums. As a folk musician with classical musical training I'm most at home with traditional instruments and styles.

The studio is quite small but can accommodate instrumental groups of five or more people comfortably. We got six musicians + drum kit in the old studio in Cambridgeshire, and the new studio in West Yorkshire (completed in 2018) is bigger.

The studio can be booked for any day of the week or weekend.

Accommodation can be provided (two double rooms) and most special diets can be catered for.

Bof! in the studio Bof! in the old studio

Projects Completed

See list and descriptions HERE


  • Single acoustically treated room
  • 8 channels of DAV BG.8 mic preamps
  • 8 channels of Behringer ADA8000
  • RME Fireface II audio and ADAT interface
  • Equator D8 monitor speakers
  • Digital Audio Workstation using Ardour software on an AV Linux operating system, including several LinuxDSP (now OvertoneDSP) processing plugins, in custom-built PC based platform with 6-core CPU.
  • Microphones:
    - Røde NT 2A
    - 2 x Schoeps MK41 + CMC6
    - 2 x Neumann KM184
    - 2 x AKG C391B "Blue Line"
    - AKG omni and hypercardiod capsules
    - 2 x Royer R10 ribbon
    - Audio-Technica ATM 25
    - Electrovoice RE-20
    - Beyerdynamic M201
    - 2 x Shure SM57
    - Electrovoice 635A/B
    - 2 x Behringer C2
  • Behringer ADA8200 + MiniDSP ADAT USB adapter for 8 channel mobile recording into laptop computer.
selection of microphones Selection of microphones

Customer Comments

Thanks to your mixing skills, Frog On a Bike are booked for Rochester Sweeps Festival this year!
Frog on a Bike Ceilidh Band

I just downloaded your complete album, it's really a PLEASURE to listen to it. Carry on, great arrangement, great mix, great instrumentals and ... a great singer. I will continue listening to it in my car tomorrow, when I will have a two hours trip to a studio in the west. I'm deeply impressed of your work ! I like that style a lot.
Gerhard Scherzer, on A Baker's Dozen

I have to say we are thoroughly satisfied and very happy with what you did for us at the weekend. Compared with all other experiences we have had in studios, our time with you was relaxing and unstressful. You were thoroughly professional, set up equipment and recorded us efficiently and with the minimum of fuss, made helpful suggestions and perhaps best of all understood what we were aiming for, because you know our kind of music, our instruments and what they can and can't do.
We can think of no ways in which you could improve on what you did for us over the weekend. Plus of course the tea and coffee and lovely lunches that Mary provided.
All in all a great experience.
Simon Haines, of Bof!

the desk The "desk"