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Anahata's Music recording, Web site hosting and design
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This site is for Anahata's business ventures.
I host and run web sites for several organisations in which I am involved.

I can also design your site or help you with building your own.

I can also provide web space and domain registrations for small organisations and businesses, as a small scale personal service - this is not high-volume commercial hosting.

Folk music CDs on Treewind and other labels, on sale here!
  • Recordings on the Treewind Label, including
    • Mary Humphreys and Anahata: A Baker's Dozen
    • Out Of Reach: Pub session tunes for Cancer Research
    • Bof! Bal: TRaditional French Music from an East Anglian band
  • Others to come here - currently available on Mary and Anahata's web site
The Treewind Recording Studio and record label.

A small project studio and record label ideally suited to folk and similar small acoustic recording projects.

See what we've done and what we could do for you.