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Anahata's Music recording, Web site hosting and design
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Anahata's Music recording and Web Site hosting and design
I host and run web sites for several organisations in which I am involved.

I can also design your site or help you with building your own.

I can also provide web space and domain registrations for small organisations and businesses, as a small scale personal service - this is not high-volume commercial hosting.

Folk music CDs on Treewind and other labels, in which I am involved either as musician or recording engineer/producer, on sale here.
The Treewind Recording Studio and record label.

A small project studio and record label ideally suited to folk and similar small acoustic recording projects.

See what we've done and what we could do for you.

"Anahata means the sound of which we are made, so it is unstruck. When you play on a guitar or a sitar then it is a struck sound; on a guitar or a sitar then it is a struck sound; but there is a melody inside which is continuously there. In fact the mystics say that when that melody disappears we die, when that melody becomes disturbed we become ill. When we feel well-being it is really part of that melody; it is going as it should, there is no hindrance in it.

"The mystics have also experienced - and I can vouch for them, I can be a witness for them that they are saying something really significant - that there is a way in which you can resonate with the whole existence in the same tune. That's meditation; resonating with the whole universe without any disturbance, falling in step with the melody of the whole. Then your ego disappears, then you are no more there. Then there is only music - that music is Anahat, and to experience it is to know what bliss is."

Osho, December 13, 1980, giving me my name

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