Anahata's Personal Page

Who am I?

My name, Swami Anahata, was given to me by the enlightened master Osho if you want to know what it means, read Osho's own words on the subject.

I'm a retired electronics and software engineer, having worked in (amongst other things)

I'm also a folk musician and gigged part time as a duo with my wife Mary Humphreys, though we have mostly retired from that now. We have also been in several ceilidh bands and hope to continue with that if we survive the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. I play cello, melodeon and concertina.

Having lived in Hertfordshire, East Anglia and London for much of my life, I'm now in West Yorkshire. By way of hobbies that also earn a little extra income, I run a small recording studio and a web hosting service, and have been putting a lot of tunes (and a few songs with Mary) on YouTube

Last updated 21 May 2020