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Who am I?

My name, Swami Anahata, was given to me by the enlightened master Osho (formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh). For a better understanding of what "Anahata" means, read Osho's own words on the subject.


Since 29 October 2001 I have been working for Micro-Robotics in Cambridge. They make a standard range of industrial control and measurement devices and also custom projects for industrial and medical applications. Arguably their biggest claim to fame is the technology behind the animations in the TV Muppets Show, making Micro-Robotics one of the few hi-tech companies to have won an Academy award.

I am mostly a software engineer but in theory also do hardware design. I've created a TCP/IP stack (written from scratch!) for the flagship VM-1 controller, and designed an ethernet interface for it. I also maintain the office network and the company's website. Micro Robotics is a small company employing about 7 people.


Like most software engineers, I play with computers at home too, where there is a small network of Debian Linux boxes, an iMac and various printers and other peripherals.

I've also done some web page design for other people, and training in designing and maintaining their own pages. For details see my Web Design page.

Anahata with concertina
All photos on this page: Tony Jones

Anahata with concertina at Fylde Folk Festival, 2004

Musical and Other Partnerships...

I'm a musician, particularly interested in English traditional folk music and morris dancing. I play concertina, melodeon and cello.

In the past I have been with:

  • Chelmsford Morris Men
  • Lumps of Plum Pudding (Chelmsford ceilidh band, long defunct)
  • Ragwort (Cambridge ceilidh band, late 1970s)
  • The Angel Band and Angel Morris in London
  • A resident at the Islington Folk Club
  • Played for Hammersmith Morris Men

My home and musical life since mid 2001 has been shared with singer and musician Mary Humphreys. Mary Humphreys

Anahata with melodeon
Mary is a superb traditional singer in both English and her native Welsh and plays banjo and English concertina. I accompany some of her songs on cello, melodeon and concertina. Our style is strongly traditional.

We played a few folk Club gigs in 2001 and in 2002 and since then have built up a steady programme of folk club and festival appearances and recordings. Our web site is Here.

Mary and I are part of a ceilidh band in Cambridge called Fendragon and a band with some members in Yorkshire, English Rebellion.

I am currently learning to play various bagpipes: a set of Leicestershire smallpipes in D made by Julian Goodacre, a set of Jonathan Swayne's border pipes in G - a two-drone version of his student pipes, and a Bulgarian gaida.

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