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From time to time I put various files at the disposal of forum members. This page indexes them and explains what they are.
1x1-Handharmonika.pdf Das 1x1 Der Handharmonika Tutorial for Club Melodeon with 23 + 7 keyboard (in German))
DHB-Elementarschule.pdf Deutsche Handharmonika-Bibliotek Elementarschule Another Club tutor, also in German
DHS-Kutschenreuter.pdf Deutsche HarmonikaSchule Tutor for all two-row diatonic instruments by Erhard Kutschenreuter (in German)
  footbass.html What is a Footbass Anyway? Article by Simon Haines on the Footbass made by Belgian accordion maker Harry Geuns
  pdf/martha2.pdf Martha's Waltz Two tunes called Martha's Waltz, plus a transposition of one of them form F to G. neither of them was the Marta's Waltz the original enquirer was looking for. ABC was posted, but somebody couldn't convert them so I put them here.


essexgirl.mp3 The Essex Girl (by Anahata) Adapted from another tune I'd written some time before, in response to Ladydetemp's attempt to write a tune which only used five buttons on one row of a melodeon and was in jig time. All I know about Ladydetemps is that she's called Sarah and lives in Essex... Played on Hohner 1-row C melodeon
greyday.mp3 Grey Day A tune by Ladydetemps, her best effort so far by a long way. Played on Oakwood D/G, with a few variations on Sarah's chords.
grey-tango Grey Day as a Tango Somebody turned the above into a rather French-sounding waltz, and for some reason that gave me the idea that it would work even better as a tango. My experience of playing tangos is limited...
idburyhill-stepback.mp3 Idbury Hill and Step Back (Old Molly Oxford) Contribution to Melnet Theme of the Month for May 2010 - Morris Tunes. played on Oakwood D/G.
michaelturner.mp3 Michael Turner's Waltz Melnet Tune of the Month for May 2010. Saltarelle Connemara III D/G with minimal reeds first 2x though (no low bass or thirds, single treble)
charmingmaid.mp3 Trip to Brighton/
Charming Maid
Theme of the month November 2010 "favorites from your local session". For fun, and because I wanted a simple project for learning more about my newly installed Ardour based studio system, I added Anglo and English concertinas to the Oakwood D/G melodeon, and at the end a second Oakwood track with a harmony part. Mary Humphreys: English concertina; Anahata: everything else.
steamboat-ellison.mp3 Steamboat Hornpipe played by Martin Ellison on English Melodeon Players album (Plant Life PLC 073, 1984), reproduced with Martin's permisison